Insurance premiums rise year on year unless you change providers and make them fight for
your business

Staff seem to get sicker and sicker year on year and perform less optimally.

What’s the solution; Ergonomics as part of a wellness program can be a massive boost to
your business and the quality of your team’s lives


Corporate Wellness Co Study conducted on April 2nd 2010

in our research with our Clients 69 % of
employees experienced at least one
episode of back or neck pain in the last 12
months. This is classified as perceived pain
of four or more out of 10.


The real cost of back surgery

The average cost for spinal surgery in the
UAE and the whole of the Middle East is
$20,000 per person.


Medical Times Magazine Middle East

Average absenteeism due to neck or back pain is 1.4 days a year per employee.
-Humanscale Newsletter, September 2013

What People Say About Us

  • We organised holistic ergonomic assessments for our team because people were suffering with neck and back pain and this was affecting our business performance. The assessments have enabled us to reduce our medical insurance premiums by over 9%, that’s a big saving.

    Nagma Syed, ubisoft
  • Tim came to do a Dr Posture workshop
    for Nestle Waters and the team had a really fun time, seriously, it was great fun /> and extremely informative.

    Yann Defree, Nestle Waters

The Significant Effects of Poor Ergonomics

–   Bad posture causes a faulty breathing pattern (from the chest instead of the abdomen) resulting in nervous system stress

–   Decreased peristalsis/digestive pump (due to not breathing from the stomach) leading to a serious host of digestive troubles

–   The nervous system stress causes people to gain weight & to have a hard time losing body fat

–   The nervous system stress causes people to feel tired but wired, affects their sleep & their productivity massively

–   Pain and tension increasing presenteeism (at work but


The Services We Offer
: An Overview

–   Ergonomics workshops that are fun, interactive and world class

–   Holistic Ergonomics Assessments, not just the classic ergonomics assessments but a holistic ergonomics assessment that delivers results.

–   Wellness programs to complement the ergonomics education.

–   Small Group workshops that teach people the basics of ergonomic set up.


Why You Can Trust Us

–   We at Ergonomics Dubai have over 8 years of experience in the Middle East & UAE helping people fix their ergonomic problems and posture related pain and tension.

–   What we do is truly unique and is also really fun, two key considerations of any successful wellness

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